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ashiko drum solid cedar shell and natural goat hide, tune with maple pegs

These first two drums are not for sale; they've been around for about the past eleven years and I've subjected them to a fair amount of drum circle time. I am making new ashikos these days and I am anticipating some great sounding, lightweight and sturdy drums with simple maple peg tuning.

Solid Cedar staves make this ashiko drum shell light in weight while producing a sharp edge rap as well as a solid boom when struck in the center, the head is naturally treated goat hide. Red oil-based finish with lacquer overcoat, but has some wear as I've enjoyed this drum thoroughly before I replaced the hide this August. This ashiko is the first I've built with channel and peg tuning rather than the Mali Weave rope method. If you've been intimidated by tuning a djembe or ashiko drum by threading and firmly pulling a rope through more rope, consider the relative ease of sliding a maple peg to its other end in order to tighten or loosen tension on the hide. There's no friction wear on your hands or ropes. There's no tedious un-weaving in order to take up occasional stretch or changing the head. Peg tuning frees up the drum shell of a tangle of rope that often prevents one from the visual benefit of the shell itself, without the metal frame of an artificial hide drum head.

Please check this site around Spetember 14 - about when I project the drums I am making now to be ready. If you've recently emailed me to place an order, I still encourage you to wait until the middle of this month as I am incorporating some improvements in design into the current series.
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