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We draw our creative energy from our beautiful mountain home RoaringCreek is more than an online market!

It is a year-round creek that flows through our property, and the life that abounds within and along its banks, and the woods beyond is where we live and draw our physical and spiritual nourishment. Life here is often far from easy, but over the years it has been a worthwhile sacrifice.
It is our aim to live in dignity and to foster such respect for all things in our crafts. The land upon which we live has been commercially logged in its past, the damage of which has been my 28 years and running mission to restore to as pristine and fire resilient landscape as possible. In the process, resources become available because of their unnatural excess, and it is these resources that we utilize in the most respectful manner possible.

To learn more about how our practices are a facet of a much greater issue, please read our Mission Statement.

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Who am I, you may ask? chubby Fred and Cece at Half Moon Bay, April 2006

Hm, in a nutshell - a generalist in a world that hires people of greater and greater degrees of specialization. Used to be "Jack-of-all-trades, master of none" - but the reality to me is that if I apply the level of patience and determination to match my aptitude, I can attain a level of quality that indeed rivals the state-ordained 'professionals'.
My challenge has been to focus those efforts on a selection of skills that I enjoy the most.
This website is more than nice-sounding hyperbole - this site is the culmination of a lifetime of growth and self-discovery; and taking the courage to walk MY path in life. What a liberating feeling that has become! The decades that have passed since I registered this domain (and with this exact intent) have felt as though the closing of a circle is happening these days.

Thanks for the many years of support in our real, but distant community!

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