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We live in the Southern Cascades between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Cece draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the region RoaringCreek is more than an online market!

It is a year-round creek that flows through our property, and the life that abounds within and along its banks, and the woods beyond is where we live and draw our physical and spiritual nourishment. Life here is often far from easy, but over the years it has been a worthwhile sacrifice.
Cece has been a blessing in my life for all the reasons that one knows s/he has met his or her other half. Cece astounds me with the range and quality of the things she makes (and the endless well from which she draws inspiration), and I am pleased to be able to expand the market for her art beyond the counties within driving distance, through the creation of this website.

If you seriously love to read, give our Mission Statement a try!

Who am I, you may ask? Fred and Cece at Half Moon Bay, April 2006

Hm, in a nutshell - a generalist in a world that hires people of greater and greater degrees of specialization. Used to be "Jack-of-all-trades, master of none" - but the reality to me is that if I apply the level of patience and determination to match my aptitude, I can attain a level of quality that indeed rivals the self-professed 'masters'.
My challenge has been to focus those efforts on a selection of skills that I enjoy the most, and distance myself from doing those that I've felt I must just to earn that greasy buck.
This website is more than nice-sounding hyperbole - this site is the culmination of 43 years of growth and self-discovery; and taking the courage to walk MY path in life. What a liberating feeling that has become! The nine years that have passed since I registered this domain (and with this exact intent) have felt as though the closing of a circle is happening these days. The hiatus in developing RoaringCreek is due to the tangents I've had to take to simply get affordable Internet access in order to persue this ambition. We had no local Internet access in my community - I had to establish that; in so doing got WAY involved in simply running a very expensive and demanding business. It's a bittersweet moment as I recognize that this chapter is behind me; but the rekindling of my original goal is providing me with boundless energy of late - and now we all get to experience the flowering of what has lain dormant and unfinished for nearly a decade.

Thanks for the many years of support from folks like you in our real, but distant community!

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