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Welcome to RoaringCreek.com, and gift shop of Celestial Designs by Cece, to learn about us, please read our Mission Statement

You've discovered the place to find leather and buckskin medicine bags, feather smudge fans, hand-collected and tied cedar and sage smudge sticks, peyote-stitched tube bracelets, premium roachclips, natural driftwood and manzanita burls and much more on the way in 2022!

Welcome to RoaringCreek.com, handcrafted, beaded and leather craft by Cece

A lot has changed since I started this site, particularly with adoption of 'convenience' over interaction as a human experience as the Internet matures. I find it necessary to return to simplicity, as it is sustainable. The items displayed on our site may be in stock or may be an example of our work, please email me if interested in obtaining any of our products. To better understand our trade practices, please read our mission statement.

I've removed the links to PayPal, but that option still exists at this time. Prices are also removed, as the currency that denominates "value" itself is no longer of value. I do have a bitcoin wallet, but in my experience I think the tern "digital security" is an oxymoron as much as "federal reserve". Talk to me about trading for silver, that money has 5000 years of history as a store of value.

Feather smudge fans and medicine bags at SacredCircle

I have some ashiko drums to finish, but I will keep the pictures of sold drums as a portfolio, from which requests for similar drums are welcome.

hand-tied smudge sticks, cedar and sage smudges

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peyote-stitch tube bracelets
Cece has been creating beaded jewelry since the mid 1970s. Her repertoire includes sexy shoulder-length earrings, belly chains, anklets and dozens of styles of necklaces. We both enjoy collecting the ingredients for our work; either by purchasing wholesale at Gem and Jewlery shows... but even more fun is taking a week or two each year to camp around the natural sources of plants and minerals that we use. Favorite places are in the Warner Mountains of California, around Davis Creek for obsidian needles, and quartz crystal at the Crystal Peak area of the eastern Sierra Nevada. The tailings of this once commercially-mined peak still yield up beautiful specimen clear quartz crystals; nearby Frenchman Lake has spotty distributions of rose quartz, but it is very intense in color. Ceremonial sage is also collected when the season is right, read more about what and how we collect our ingredients.

We also look forward to returning to the Happy Camp area of the Klamath River to collect jade; some of it is very fine in quality though at this time we haven't used much in our craft. I've been wrapping specimen stones and crystals with German silver and sterling silver wire for use as centerpieces in Cece's Sacred Spiral beaded necklaces as well as offering them individually on a cotton cord, attached to a card for retail sale. Some wraps include Oregon Sunstone that we have collected from the Hart Mountain area; these are chunks of feldspar, a hard, clear mineral that remains after centuries of wind erosion has worn away the host rock. The stones are naturally polished; the finer specimens have mineral copper embedded that lends it a metallic shimmer (called schiller) and coppery tint.

the ultimate roach clip, manzanita burl and driftwood for parrots and lizards, and other found items

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