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Medicine Bags - dozens of hand-made medicine pouches

Medicine bags, choose from several dozen

Feather Smudge Fans - colorful variety of smudge feather fans

Smudge Feather Fans

Ceremonial Smudge Sticks - Sage and Cedar smudges, loose lavender and other ceremonial herbs.

Ceremonial Sage and Cedar smudge sticks, dried lavender flower and other loose ceremonial herbs

Though our site has a new look, we have been online since 1998, serving more a function as a portfolio of our work when approaching businesses within our driving range to place merchandise. Over those years, favorite shops close and owners retire leaving both buyers and sellers seeking a new exchange - and forces finally combined to enable me the time to build a proper website this year.
We hope you enjoy it, please please let us know if you have a suggestion, or are seeking an item that appears to be within our capability to create for you. Cece and I have enjoyed camping, rockhunting and learning about our part of the planet for many years. Now we can share these treasures directly with you.
To read more about how we source the parts that go into the making of our products, from medicine bags to feather smudge fans, rune stone sets and much more, check out the parts page. We honor every plant and animal's right to share this planet with us. Also, some musings about the ceremonial and energy forces that are incorporated into our handicrafts.


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