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Welcome to RoaringCreek.com, handcrafted, beaded and leather craft by Cece

RoaringCreek and linked domain website architecture

Cece and I make a variety of things, so it seems sensible to me to create individual websites related to types of products and list it under its own domain name, lending the RoaringCreek domain to act as more of an umbrella site with separate domain names directed to the genre of craft within the framework. This enables you to locate what interests you faster when searching for a product using Google, for example. You are not being redirected to any affiliate website when navigating any of the RoaringCreek buttons, we make it all :-)

Once you've landed on a page of things that interest you, the tables of small images depicting each item are displayed on the main page, and any subsequent pages of that site. Click on an image, it will open a popup window that contains a larger photo, as well as descriptive information of that particular item, and a PayPal 'Buy-it-Now' button that enables you to purchase that item immediately - we'll ship it the same or next business day in most cases. If you have trouble navigating the site, please ensure that JavaScript is enabled for each of our domains.
A high-resolution image of every item is available by clicking the photo in the popup window - this will open a third browser window of just the image. Some of these are quite large, dialup visitors may experience a wait on images that range from 35-110KB. Image file size is listed in the ALT text portion of the popup window image - right-clicking on that image and selecting 'properties' will reveal it (rollover with IE). Some of the images exceed the size of the browser window and will appear with a small plus sign as a cursor - clicking will enlarge to the full size, at which point you'll have to scroll the window to view the detail - but WOW... they look pretty cool.

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, and are concerned about creating yet another online account in order to buy our merchandise, take a deep breath and relax :-) You do not need to create a PayPal account; this enables us to securely accept your Visa or Mastercard payments with no additional cost or obligation of you!

Please me with any questions or constructive criticism you may have about our websites.
Thanks for visiting RoaringCreek.com and Celestial Designs!

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