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Lumber in Stock, and Custom Milling

A variety of species and dimensions of lumber is in stock. The majority of 1" stock was milled in 1997. I will be sorting this 'softwood' stack once the weather allows, and posting representative pieces of each, and placing specific boards on CraigsList for trade. Species include douglas fir, white fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine and western red cedar, in dimensions ranging from 1"x4"x6ft to 1"x10"x12ft. There is a limited amount of vertical-grain d-fir that is quartersawn from an ancient tree that fell down along with several others in the new year's flood of 1997. Nearly all this lumber was milled to full-inch thickness on a Woodmizer bandsaw mill, and has dry-cured to approx 7/8" roughsawn. I can plane and resaw any of this to desired dimensions.

Full-inch thick roughsawn black oak boards, pressed and cured 25 years now. Black oak is not typically available commerically as it has a tendency to split and twist as it dries, but these boards were cut from a fairly straight-grain log, stickered under weight and are stable.

Full-inch thick roughsawn alder lumber, also stored since 1997. More recently-milled lumber is 1" and 1-1/8" thick by 4-8" wide and 6ft lengths of "bigleaf" maple. Logs on the ground ready for milling include more of the maple (100 board ft maybe, these are not large trees nor many in number), cherry, apple and Pacific Yew with similar volume restrictions. My guess as to the maximum board that could be obtained from these logs is 8" wide; they are either 6ft, 8ft or still uncut lengths.

Construction lumber currently in stock consists of 6/4"x6"x12ft roughsawn cedar decking, about 30 pieces (approx 180 sq ft). Current milling project is on Douglas Fir beams, sizes placed in stock April-May range from 4x4 (3-1/2") x 8ft to 6x12 (5-1/2x11-1/2) x 12ft. Full dimension material can also be milled.

Custom milling and planing is also available. Species endemic here are Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Douglas Fir, White Fir, Cedar (western red cedar is actually not a true cedar but of the juniper genus), Black Oak (q. Kelloggi), and Alder, Cherry, Pacific Yew and Bigleaf Maple in lesser quantities and dimensions. There is even a bit of dogwood that is large enough to mill or turn. For more lathe stock, check out the Sun-bleached and Driftwood page for dogwood and manzanita root burls.

Wood is sourced from forest in my stewardship, milled and planed onsite. learn more about my forestry principles and practices.
Price and shipping negotiable.

Please me with any questions or trade offers.


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