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Seedling Trees

This part of the site is just now being developed as of April 2022. As part of the effort to reduce wildfire hazrds a lot of young trees and sprouts get cut. I would prefer to re-home them! The cedar seedlings sprout by the thousands, so the effort to collect them is minimal. Other species that are abundant enough to share are black oak (q. kelloggi), bigleaf maple and maybe dogwood. Seedling digging and transplanting is a seasonal thing, advisable after the first good rains and before it freezes, usually around Thanksgiving time. This gives transplants a long, cool and wet season to acclimate to new environments. There are also a handful of other wild plants that may be suitable for container gardens that become available occasionally such as bleeding heart, huckleberry, "ginger", trillium and a couple I have yet to identify.
I have also been cultivating the volunteer fir trees that come up under the powerlines. Instead of cutting them, I'm raising holiday trees. The first year these will be ready for market will be 2024. Holiday items such as boughs and cones are also avaliable.
Wood is sourced from my forest, milled and planed onsite. learn more about my forestry principles and practices.

Please me with any questions or other trade offers.


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