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Principles of Woodland Aesthetics

This part of the site is just now being developed as of April 2022. The word "Sustainable" is yet another fine English word suffering in its true meaning by the Madison Avenue crowd of language debauchers. In my opinion, sustainable forestry is NOT what is achieved after transforming millions of acres of wildland into monocrop timber farms that can thereafter be continuously harvested. I believe that sustainability is achieved when living in harmony with and investing the effort to ensure a forest's ecological diversity and fire resilience will provide a nominal amount of resources for human uses.
It is therefore good stewardship practice to make the most of the proceeds, by investing human and technological effort into creating finished products from raw materials (value-added).
We are entering a period of time when people are realizing the sacredness of resources and the fraud that is our monetary system which is entirely responsible for promoting quantity over quality in our world. Reversion to the mean is going to be epic, and it is long past due. No more redwood forests need to be eradicated to satisfy Wall Street Headge Fund greed for fiat. Money is not wealth, it is only a medium of exchange.

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Principles of Woodland Aesthetics

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